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  • What should I look for when choosing an event planner?
    Based on your needs, you should identify an Event Planner who can offer you a wide range of services and is flexible to handle as much or as little as you wish them to. Ideally, your Event Planner will provide you with ample ideas and guidance for your special event. Most importantly, the Planner you select must be someone that you feel comfortable and confident with; someone you can develop a connection with. Our team's mission is to establish a personal connection with you, allowing us to better interpret and execute your unique vision. We believe that a transparent relationship between a client and Planner allows both parties to feel comfortable with one another while still maintaining confidence in our professionalism.
  • Why would I need you as my event planner?
    P.S. You’re Invited team saves you time and money. We will supply reputable suppliers and vendors, negotiate the best rates, discounts, terms and conditions on your behalf and coordinate all aspects of your event. Our team is highly skilled in globally sourcing one-of-a-kind items that may seem unattainable to others. Have an idea? Let us create it. Our team takes away the stress and worry, and gives you a peace of mind so you can be sure to enjoy your event.
  • What is the difference between event design and event planning?
    Event design and event planning work hand in hand to deliver a successful event. Event design is about bringing your event to life with appropriate colors, themes, seating, etc, whereas event planning coordinates the logistic elements and budget management. P.S. You’re Invited offers tailor made events. This means we incorporate both event design and event planning to create the perfect event for our clients.
  • Will I still have some control over my event if I hire your team as my planner?
    Yes! It is our job to tap into your vision, provide creative tailor made options, and gracefully guide you all while bringing your vision to life.
  • Can you plan with last minute changes of plans or emergency situations?
    We have extensive experience in dealing with the unexpected. We have built-in contingency measures for all our events and are constantly formulating plans to cope with emergency situations. Rest assured your event is always in the most capable hands.
  • What financial investment shall I be prepared to make for my event ?
    There are many factors that will dictate the total investment for your event which includes the season, location, guest count, decor, and the logistical support that your unique vision requires. During our consultation process, we will discuss all of these elements that factor into your financial investment and will establish realistic expectations. After our consultation, P.S. You’re Invited will provide a complete breakdown and a proposal design to meet your budget.
  • Although you serve Southern California and are based out of San Diego, are you available to travel to my destination?
    We would be delighted to learn more about your vision and we travel anywhere within the United States and abroad.
  • What is your deposit and payment terms?
    A 50% initial retainer is due upon completion of the signed agreement for services. The remaining balance is due as indicated in the contract.
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